Are you in doubt of what you should readily own as a lady or a girl, well these are a few things i feel every lady should own, what do you think?


1. A black Jacket

Yes, you could never go wrong with this especially when you are a lady in the labor market, considering the daily challenge of having to pick out clothes. You could always throw a black blazer over a skirt, a gown or a pair of trousers.


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2. A Skirt: What would we be called without skirts; at least women are known this. A skirt yet again could never be wrong. They come in different styles and color. So make your pick.



3. A Pair of Black Torusers: Its no news the pants does it all




4. The Colored Basics: Whatever your color preference the basics take you one style higher when styled with a chic blazer and style accessory.



5. The Shoe is a Staple: Speak for yourself and make your style pick anyday as you complete your look.



6. The Handbag: Of course no handbag no lady.

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7. Photo-speak  See others that did not make the list but never go unnoticed

Gril Essentials

So ensure to have your wardrobe with at least one girl essential when you try to go formal, what have i left out, ladies add to the list.