When it comes to your wardrobe what items do you splurge the most on?

Do you agree that when it comes to wardrobe specifics your personal style would determine what you spend the most dough on? This does not mean that other life necessities aren’t worth splurging on, however for me, in order of preference its shoes, bags and blazers. While some women may prefer weaves, jewelry, bags, jeans etc.

When it comes to adorning my feet, I want them to look captivating and clean. I love statement shoes and I believe a beautiful shoe tells people you are to be taken seriously. I don’t think anyone wants the guy in scruffy looking shoes to be the lead in presentations. You know what I mean? So when it comes to dropping a few currencies for style accessories, I place a premium on my shoes. I am always willing to spend more on shoes that will help me go the extra mile.

Would I be exaggerating if I said I carry my life in my bag? (That’s just for fun). To carry so much, a bag that will stand the wear and tear of bag responsibility has to be just perfect. Thus for the love of leather with solid stitching, that holds better and lasts longer, I plead guilty.

I consider this my signature look. Despite all the fashion rules on what not to wear, I’m almost tempted to wear a blazer to all events. I can be found in a blazer most times, so I need to ensure they look good, whether I’m headed to an office to meet with a brand I really want to work with, or just to the coffee shop where I’m hoping the barista slips me an extra shot.
Why the good blazers costs so much? I do not know, but know that it pains me whenever I’m paying extra for these blazers. Material, production and durability is important because I really hate worn out blazers after one trip to the dry-cleaners. Blazers sure eat up a good amount of my wardrobe budget, especially when I find a brand that suits me.

Lest I bore you about all the money I spend on all the fabulous things that are simply not my reality. Know also that my overall budget goes to less glamorous things like keeping a roof over my head, and groceries in my refrigerator, I have to be discerning about my investment purchases. And unless I’m widely misreading my audience (you guys aren’t all oil sheiks, right?), I’m guessing you’re in the same boat. Maybe for you it’s suits, or