Pharrel Williams recently featured on the cover page of GQ Magazine and we love the colorful styled editorial. While the clothes definelty take center stage, we can’t help but mention our style picks from the April 2014 Edition, we have stolen the look and styled to the nearest. We think you would love the look we have chosen as our favorite.


Pharrel for GQ Magazine April 2014 Edition

What do we like?

The Color Block, which shows that with the right attitude you can wear anything- Pharrel

Lilac: Who wears Lilac blazers and yellow pants as a guy, you may ask. Well for the fashion forward it’s easy to combine colors when you know the rules. Lilac has violet base tones, which may be described as a shade of purple. It shows great confidence in style and masculinity; we think it is a great combination, especially to the opposite sex.

Key Style/Alternate Looks: Works well for layering especially with a v-neck on a classic polo Ralph Lauren shirt. The adaptable shade can take your formal work attire to a higher level. The key is to strip down the rest of your outfit and let the lilac hue take dominance.

Alternatively consider pairing lilac chinos with a white polo, or dress up lilac chinos with white oxford shirt and a grey or stone blazer.

Recommended Combinations: We think it has Riviera connotations, so we recommend pairing lilac with nautical-inspired neutrals, such as white, cream, navy or go the extra shine with yellow. However, shades of grey and green can also work extremely well.

Colour guide for Lilac

Similar Colors (Easiest To Pair): Blues, purples and pinks.

Contrasting Colours (Harder To Pair): Shades of turquoise or orange.

Complementary Colours (Hardest To Pair): Shades of yellow and green.


Steal His Style


Yellow Colour Guide


How to wear a Yellow Blazer

Yellow: is an undeniably striking, statement hue which comes in everything from mustard shades to pale, pastel variations. It is a great standout option for men who want distinct their look from the crowd. However should be done in small doses. I have seen men wear yellow and become all controversial but we think it works when styled right.

Key Style/Alternate Looks: Washed out yellow t-shirts make an effortless casual statement, especially when paired with a simple pair of tailored, neutral shorts on a hot summer’s day.

Alternatively pair a yellow blazer with slim navy trousers and a plain white shirt in order to anchor the piece fully, and forego the accessories in order to really strip back the aesthetic.

Recommended Combinations: Blue works extremely well with yellow and will help anchor the colour effectively. Shades of grey would also be a consideration.

Color guide for Yellow

Similar Colours (Easiest To Pair): Green and orange.

Contrasting Colours (Harder To Pair): Red and Blue.

Complementary Colours (Hardest To Pair): Purples, violet and pink.

Hence for Pharrel’ s Photo Shoot we think it works well seeing how all the hues are balanced and nothing out of proportion.

So what do you think, Yay or Nay? Would you rock the look.

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