Where: First impression +Personality x Image + expression x Grooming+ self-respect = STYLE
Do you consider yourself stylish, because  I always ponder, what really does style imply? Most people never seem to get the distinction between style and fashion. So I ask what you think about when you hear the word style.
Need I remind you that it is much more than the Designer accessories, yes!
Because in my opinion style equals expression, such that it is the overall combination of the way one dresses, talks, moves or like to carry out activities. It is how we express what we feel inside to the onlooker or observer. So I say, when I think style; i think self-expression, because this is how every individual shows what lies in the inner self.
So here goes part of what truly inspires my complete style and forms my style equation
  1. Reputation Branding: I love to build a good brand presentation of myself and I choose to do this by genuinely living it via my appearance. This informs my always complete look, because for me First impression = Personality.
  2. Clothing/Fashion sense: in as much as my clothes do not make up who I am, it does make up 80% of first impression like I said from reputation branding. Clothing I believe kick starts impressions you make on others before you even speak. I tell you it has always worked for me.  So for me this is a language thus Style=image + expression.
  3. Grooming: this is very important for me because it is definitely part of your outer image. Which of course people will definitely judge seeing how well you take care of yourself. So Grooming=self-respect
There you have it my simple style equation what do you think and what is yours?