Do you know that you speak through your clothes? Your wardrobe accounts for your visual vocabulary and style becomes your distinctive pattern of speech, more like your own form of poetry.

Style goes beyond fashion and becoming stylish is a distinctive way of putting ourselves together. To be stylish implies having a unique blend of spirit, substance, personal identity that you impose on others. Style is that creative way of making bold statements about our choice of clothes.

When you want to be fashionable then style is what you want. It is not a status symbol, it is a means of communicating, fashion remains in clothes but style is in the wearer.

Style guide:


  • Find out what your signature style is, work around your personality, body shape and lifestyle.
  • Less is more – start with the barest minimum It’s possible to have lots of clothes and not an ounce of style. But it’s also possible to have very few clothes and lots of style. Yes, fashion is the means through which we express style, but it takes less in the way of clothes to be stylish than you might imagine.
  • Build a capsule wardrobe but first start by decluttering your space. Throw out unwanted items or donate to charity. Once you are done then you have an idea of what works for you.
  • Piece outfits together but pay attention to details – always reflect on the total picture when piecing outfits together, bearing in mind the reason for dressing up. Style is more than just, dress, shoes and bags. From hair, to makeup to nail polish and accessories, all play an important part when styling yourself.
  • Those little details count remember. What works for me when piecing outfits together is that as a rule of thumb I always imagine how well my choice of style would photograph. learn to be picture perfect.



  • Learn to play dress up – being stylish comes with its hassles, some people don’t like to try clothes. But once in a while take a style weekend. Play dress up experiment with separates accessories and trends, it’s a cool way to establish your style. When shopping avoid rushing in and out of stores, take a style weekend to invest in yourself and appearance. Try colors, be open to new style and trends.



Don’t penalize any one for not having style, but remember if you have style then you will be distinctive and memorable.






Photo Source: Getty Images