I remember once in Paris here I was, out and about, shopping and couldn’t help but listen to the conversation of the ladies in the store where I was trying to pick out a dress. They were talking at a decibel level as if they were orating into a can with a string rather than the shop attendant who was trying to play stylist.

So, the loud talkers were in a state of dress distress. They were very perturbed that they wouldn’t have the “right” shoes to wear with their cute new dress (HM & M and Zara shopping bags in hand) to meet “friends” at a bar later.

What would they do? How could they match their outfits? Is there something they could borrow?  Rather than pay for a new pair of shoes. What if? It was all so desperate. Like a plea to the store attendant.

I looked at the ladies again and they were both pretty done-up, maybe even too impeccably done-up in a matchy-matchy follow-the-trend kind of way. Let’s just say that their nail polish matched their clutch, matched their belt, and matched their lipgloss. Exactly. To a T.

I am sure, rather sure, that if they would only take a chill pill, there were surely shoes lurking in their closet that they could easily wear + look stunning. If not overly coordinated, and that’s a good thing.


The point of sharing my eavesdropping escape is to take a chance… Understand that if you really had an edited closet that was brimming with all sorts chic + gorgeous goodness you could probably find a pair of shoes that would look more than lovely with your new outfit. I bet that even “the crowd” watching your every move would approve.

Once you start relying on too many trends it becomes ever so more complicated to pair things up. It becomes a case of too many moving pieces which conversely ends up looking rather cookie-cutter in what was an attempt to stay overly trendy.

 With all the overwrought attempts to find the “perfect’ something you thereby lose the imperfect beauty that is uniquely you. That is special. Don’t sweat it. Look at the big picture. How does it ALL come together. It’s only fashion, not life-saving surgery.

Take a chance. Risk it all. But never feel the desperation to belong. Or the obsession to be perfect. 

Just be you… that’s pretty fabulous all to itself.  See style inspiration below

Photo Source: Madame Solange and Getty images