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Are you ready to become a style diva? Checkout tips on how to look fabulous daily with Madame Solange, these principles apply to you irrespective of your size, yes look like a style expert without spending tons of money.


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1. Lipstick: Yes ladies a bit of red on the lip, brightens your face. This has a lot of impact, why? Because it highlights and instantly brightens your face, teeth and gives a younger appearance even when you have no other cosmetic on your face. I bet you, this always help pull off a more refined look. A brighter shade helps give a younger appearance because as we age we tend to lose the fullness of the lips and dark lipsticks highlights this.


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2. Shape your waist: Yeah! According to studies in the laws of attraction women with a higher ratio between their waist and hips come out tops on the being attractive and powerful. Don’t give up your feminine power by hiding under shapeless outfits. Ensure to wear outfits with shaped darts and seams that highlight your feminine shaped figure. Spandex and Lycra undies are also good options for achieving the perfect hourglass figure.

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3. Shoes Shoes Shoes: Put a spring on your step with lovely feminine shoes, ensure not to commit hideous fashion crimes by wearing ugly hoppers that don’t enhance or flatter your silhouette. When shopping for shoes checkout feminine heels and opt for choices that reveal your foot as comfortable as possible.


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4. Handbags: Did you know that for ladies your handbags are you social barometer. This single fashion accessory can tell who you are, and boost your style at any time. Choose bold colors, speak your fashion language with your bag, and make style statements in an instant.

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5. Create style intrigues; yes why not speak a new style language each day by going against the norm of things, how? Juxtapose colors, textures and patterns. Build style intrigues and be creative with your daily outfits. This can bring out the youthful and sophisticated you.

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