Having a major fashion crash can totally be avoided, there is no guarantee that your style choice will make you an instant red-carpet celebrity. Anyone can get it wrong when it comes to fashion and these poor fashion crashes occur for several reasons.
An unimaginative sense of style, wrong fit or poor choice in hair,  makeup or accessories can dampen your fashion choice any day, which can take you from glam to drab.
Here are a few lessons to learn from recent fashion drab-queens that didn’t quite sit well with Madame Solange.


Short dress with poor fit and the fall from the bosom makes it a dud pick for Victoria Kimani

We love Victoria Kimani’s ebony glow but his dress, hair and accessory looks like a bit too tacky for us and this spells fashion trouble for the singer.

Lesson to learn: Mind the fit of a short dress from bosom to toe. Always be cautious of hair and accessory. In the case of a tube dress like this one, unless it fits your bust perfectly getting it to stay can be a gravity-fooling act, so ensure it sits right before you leave home.


The whole bosom show makes the lady look overly desperate for attention and is a fashion faux paux.

This lady’s whole bosom-show gives a feeling of desperation and instant need for more attention. The full show of bosom should have been a sheer show of décolletage. It’s no more news that we can’t help notice her bosom’s falling out. Sad she killed the attention in an outfit that draws all attention to her bosoms rather than her beautiful plus sized body.
Lessons to Learn: When doing a jumpsuit and you are plus sized make sure what your choice of outfit matches your body size.


Now this is one beautiful lady we love her chocolate glow, but something doesn’t sit quite right ????

We loved she displayed fashion courage in this risqué outfit at a fashion event, but when you are not the runway model, Madamesolange says No. This outfit is quite edgy but it lacks unimaginative styling and turns out a bit drab.
What she needed to complete this look was nice hot sheer blazer, rather than the bare it all look she chose.
Lesson to learn: Hurried styling kills the shine of an outfit, something as edgy as this needs a zing for glam complete style.

Remember style is your unique pattern of speech making the right style statement is your best key to communication.

Photo Source: Kola Oshalusi / Insignia Media