Myth: I need to be a cash cow to be stylish.

Fact: Anyone can be stylish with a low budget, very few people rich or not –can be considered to own genuine style

je t'aime vintage style..

Fact is, even when you are draped in the coolest brand item and this gives you instant gratification, these item will definelty become obsolete in a few months thanks to Fashion weeks and trends arising. Did you also know it could cost you rent money?

Quit keeping up with the Joneses it can be exhausting. So many people fall victim to the cycle and yes made worse by style-obsessed aficionados like us, but the real deal is you can be stylish on a budget and still look cool and fabulous.

Yes, I know your cool style sites make you want to look stylish, as they churn out different amazing looks. But, have you also stopped to consider that not all of them are draped head to toe in labels? Yes! Some people, style-cast, in a manner that is most enviable and covetable, and all done on a budget.

So here are a few secrets on being a highly stylish person, yet on a budget.

1. Surf street style blogs, yes! But don’t copy all you see.

In recent times as mentioned earlier fashion bloggers are useful resources for stylish finds and style inspiration.

Did you know that all you style aficionados spend a lot of your time stalking social media for style tips? Well surf alright but be smart about your choices, pick out the style find and work with your wardrobe to see how to achieve the look. Don’t splurge because that Chanel bag is “It”.

Fact: Some fashion bloggers receive freebies as marketing campaign to entice buyers. And the target market may not be you but the rich who can afford it. It is fun to see but not healthy to emulate.

Note: The true stylish person can seek out similar pieces at lesser prices at affordable stores.

Madame Solange


2. Don’t be afraid of any store, who knows what you can find

You can be a troll when shopping and yet stay true to your aesthetic. How?

For instance pop into a teen store, but shop for things that can match for that perfect outfit. I once shopped at a kids store and while shopping for my nieces, I got this wonderful neck scarf that complemented a black outfit. So take a cue you can find a skinny jeans, black leggings, etc.

Or check out discount stores for off priced items, perhaps a designer outlet on sales at low killer prices.

Lace-Up Sandals Under $100

Lace-Up Sandals Under $100 by polyvore-editorial featuring studded high heel shoes


Lupita by freddarling featuring a gray jacket


3. Style to suit your taste

Yes, yes yes! Everyone is Younique and owns their style, hence a blouse or shirt can be vintage, but when styled with that statement fashion accessory  it becomes stylish. Yeah the jeans might be pretty cool but the owner wearing it with an African vibe makes it unique.

The trick is to go with what your style is. Just keep it genuinely stylish.


The Gentle Man


4. You don’t have to be overly dressed, remember less is more

Truly stylish people if you noticed are somewhat a bit dressed down yet are able to make style statements.

It could mean wearing your ballerina flats when everyone is on platforms, yet you make them jealous, wearing a bob while everyone rocks full length hair. Just something that makes them looks less done.

Less is truly more.

Ebuka obi-uchendu

Ebuka Obi-Uchend

5. Labels don’t make you cooler

Alright Cliché, however but the really stylish people are the very confident ones who know it’s not about their $4000 handbag or $1000 wristwatch that makes them cool.

You can be in a faded jean and still look coolest in the room with confidence and oh it may be just a killer shirt that they pulled off.

Its the statement piece

6. Trendy is not stylish

Most stylish people rarely shift from their paradigm or an overarching aesthetic, whether minimalist or colorful staples.

They don’t fall victims of trends but replace old staples gradually with modern ones and bang style becomes them.

7. Stylish people don’t dress to be considered stylish

Hard truth, but did you know that before the advent of blogs, and street style fashion people dressed for themselves, their lifestyle and what looked good on them.

Note: It does not matter if the killer shoes are Louboutin, or your stilettos are Alexander Wang, if you can’t strut in them you definelty aren’t stylish.

Save or Splurge: Paris Fashion Week


Be Comfortable in your own, and remember style is unique to the wearer.

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’ – Coco Chanel

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