One day am wearing all black and the next day I’m decked in colors. Well for this look I decide to be all white because I happened to be in a cheerful mood, and guess what, it was for church.

Sundays happen to be a good time to dress up, so I was feeling angelic and decided to go all white and pristine, and did I get the angelic vibe? Yes I did. Wink**

The thing is when am sad I feel colors can improve your disposition or rather improves mine since am such a lover of nature.

I love a bit of goth so I did the pairing with a black purse and a black and silver shoe yet kept the jewelry at silver and white.

Sometimes you know its right not to go all white and do the needful by pairing it with black.

What style options would you have gone for?



Dress: MUSE Lace Overlay Sheath Dress

Watch: Micheal Kors

Shoes: Aldo