When you are not caught up in the daily routine of the corporate world, then it might be quite challenging in the style department to make out what to wear as an entrepreneur.
As a style mentor and coach, I always preach that the female entrepreneur always needs to look her best especially when pitching for funds. As well as at any other point in time.

Checkout my style guide for the entrepreneur:

1. Pitching for funds: Strategy + Style = Success?
It’s a no brainer if you don’t look as successful as your business. Listen up money attracts money. Dress up and look the part. Pull out all your well-made garments. Ensure you own a killer piece like knee-length dress. A good pair of shoe always does the trick. Own classic pieces with distinguished architectural cuts. Stay away from above the knee pieces, revealing pieces or busy pieces.

2. Networking: Strategy + Style = Approachable
The aim of network events is to meet new people, and you don’t want to pass the wrong message across, image wise. If you are not attending a fashion industry event then avoid crazy trends. Go for pulled together looks, combine separates they sometimes work for dressed up looks. Avoid looking high maintenance, accessories make good conversation starters, shoulder bags work best to allow your hands free to hold a drink or accept business cards.

3. Online imaging
Getting the right image out there is essential to speak to your crowd or market. Look modern not frantic or dated. Hairstyles are important style factors to complement you look. Makeup should most definitely be natural, avoid glossy looks opt for matte lipsticks. The light will always cast a shadow so be aware of this. Soft natural makeup will always save you trouble.
Choose clothes in colors that flatter your skin tone, avoid prints, solids are better, avoid boxy cutout clothes. Create interests around your necklines. Choose long necklaces over dangling earrings which can be distracting remember its not the red-carpet.
Except your eye glasses are your signature look avoid them. Look out for angles that show your pretty facial features and avoid face on mug-shots. Practice for figure flattering angles to avoid final looks that make you look unflattering and feminine.
Check your angles to see which way you look the prettiest and avoid a straight-on shot, unless it doubles as the one on your driver’s license. Be aware of where the photo will be cropped to see that it is in area that flatters your figure.

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