Rekena Sharon Ojong

Rekana Sharon Ojong

I’ll Have What She’s Having: A burst of stylish color in my wardrobe because THIS Blue is far from mellow!

Rekana Sharon Ojong worked one of the season’s most vibrant trends while donning a royal blue top, a white pleated sheer skirt and a wide brimmed church hat looking all put together.

I think this outfit makes her stand out, it also elongates her look while giving off a polished sense of maturity that should serve as a guide as to how women should consider dressing for a timeless look.

What made it work and saved it from making her look overly dressed are her effortless styling tricks and a restrained hand at pairing the look together.

Style Inspiration: When matching outfits, keep these tips in mind:

  • Look for a top with contrast like Sharon’s who’s pleated skirt has a delicate sheer effect on them and keep all other colors neutral.
  • Start the look off with a bright, classic minded foundation like the Sharon’s royal blue top
  • Keep accessories & your beauty routine simple and on the traditional side as to keep the eye focused on how the color of your outfit highlights your face
  • Show some skin and look for breaks at the neckline and skirt length to keep you looking long and lean
  • Finish off with strappy ankle sandals and a petite neutral purse to keep your look mellow as opposed to oversized bags.

See the inspiration board I made below to get the essence of Sharon’s style:


Sharon’s Inspiration Board

What are some of your own tricks when it comes to standing out from the crowd? Sound off in the comments section below.