Third World Lingerie

Lingerie is one of our guilty pleasures, and sadly, not many women are able to experience the joy that comes from landing the perfect lingerie, feeling themselves exude the confidence that only a perfect fit can give. It’s a common problem, shared by women all over the world, and it’s often rooted in three things:

1. They don’t know what kind of lingerie to get.
2. They don’t know where to get it.
3. They don’t know what size to get.

Lingerie Talk helps its readers deal with the first problem by helping figure out the best kind of lingerie for them, presenting a healthy discussion on lingerie and providing information on the best brands. As for the other two, reasons however, can be solved with one app: the ThirdLove Mobile App.

Gaming Realms, the operator of online slots portal Pocketfruity, has said that growth in mobile internet is among the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date, and many experts also claim that mobile internet could overtake fixed internet access – like that of computers and laptops – in the near future. With 89% of consumer’s time spent on media being used on mobile apps, many brands have begun launching their own dedicated apps as well.



ThirdLove, a brand that specializes in bringing comfortable lingerie to its customers, is just one of the dozens of lingerie brands that have launched mobile apps, but their app is by far the most popular. Why so? It’s all thanks to its versatility.

With most commerce apps, all you can really do is browse products on sale and purchase from the app. Knowing this, ThirdLove included a feature that they knew all lingerie lovers would enjoy: a tool that tells you your bust size, all by using a photo of your chest. “The sizing feature of the app transforms your phone into a virtual measuring tape,” they explain, adding that their, “patented technology uses two photos in conjunction with computer vision/image recognition algorithms to understand the size of your body in relation to the iPhone and map your shape.”

Unfortunately, the app isn’t available on Android devices just yet, but reviews of the iOS app have been fairly positive, with many users exclaiming that it was just what they needed. Add to that, ThirdLove’s products aren’t too bad either, offering everything from practical push-up bras to sultry tangas.

I love this new app, why not check it out?



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