Looking stylish for men does not have to be rocket science, it’s as easy as your alphabets. Do you think having a good style makes you more attractive to women? Do men really care if style is a criterion for attraction to women? Is your sense of style an important asset as other things that make you look attractive? If your answers are affirmative then read these tips on how to be stylish and your good to go.

Clothes are an important aspect of our daily lives and having a good appearance is crucial. However we still see some men with clothes that don’t sit well on them. Like wearing an oversized shirt or oversized trousers, lack of personal grooming etc. If you fall into this category then take a cue.

1. Make alterations to oversized clothes

Knowing what fits you is the beginning of the complete look, ensure to know your body type. See the tailor for alterations, if you have oversized clothes, amendments don’t cost much. Start by taking all oversized items to the tailor, it works just well. The reason is that you need to look confident in your clothes, thus excellent fit is crucial to being a style magnate. Therefore going forward shop clothes that fit.


Making Alteration to clothes


2. Shop bolder colors

When next you shop for clothes buy bolder colors, for instance you can match a black blazer or a blue jacket with different colors of shirts e.g blue, yellow white and several others. Perhaps wear a grey trouser with a pink shirt, now that’s stylish. Don’t be afraid to try on colors, the key to wearing colors is being able to combine them right. Ask a style expert when in doubt.


Man in colored blazer


3. Swap wardrobe staples with options

Swap your pair of jean sometimes with a pair of chinos, jeans can be boring. Also simple t-shirts can be boring why not try a denim shirt or a stylish jacket, that is where the twist comes in, then you become stylish as opposed to fashionable.


Man in Chinos


4. Personal Grooming is your Best friend

Having stylish clothes that fits is not the end of style; make regular visits to the barber, or spa for personal grooming, because your whole appearance may be in vain when you look unkempt.


Well Groomed Man


5. Scent of a Man

A signature scent is a man’s best asset. Women love men who smell good and can use this as a means to decipher when their will be chemistry (*wink*). Therefore ensure you shop for the perfect fragrance that blends with your natural scent, who knows! you may just find love.

Scent of a Man

Scent of a Man


6. Stay abreast on fashion and style news

Check out fashion sites to keep up with current styles and alternate style perspectives.



Stylish Man


7. Organize outfits  

A stylish man is cool calm and coordinated. Make out time to pick outfits a night before, that way you are not in a hurry and then become a mess, especially when you have an important business meeting. Strategy is essential to style therefore having that cohesive look always keeps you ahead of the crowd.

Male Wardrobe

Male Wardrobe

So there you have your 7 style tips, your views are welcome, as we are open to learning perhaps a brother can learn from you.



Pictures from: Pintrest/Menswag