Hi Madame Solange, Stylistas

Yippee, we have been nominated for the 2014, Nigerian Blog Awards, so let’s make our e-zine the best fashion and style blog in Nigeria.

We at Madame Solange would really love to get an award for the Best Fashion and Style Blog. We thank you for all your support thus far and promise not to let you down.

To vote:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Fill in your Name and Email
  3. Fill in Madame Solange on the Best Fashion or Personal Style Blog (8. Best Fashion or Personal Style Blog)
  4. Scroll down to Submit Vote
  5. Click the link sent to your email to confirm your vote.

And Voila, you’ve just submitted your vote.

Thank you so much. Also remember to share this with your friends. We will Achieve Together

Let’s win this People!! Click box to vote