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Is there a difference between being well dressed and stylish? What’s the fuss about style you may ask, and what does it really mean to be stylish? From naming style icons to tagging or labeling celebs as stylish, what importance does it all have to having aesthetic identity? Why has the style labels become a goal for how to dress or how style is perceived?

One would assume that being well dressed and having style are not mutually exclusive. But then to be considered well dressed, could imply you are stylish and to be stylish means you are by design well dressed. There could be an argument showing that these concepts are very different, why?

Note that its possible to have interest in clothes and care about having a good image yet you never appear to have a total look. The challenge with this concept is that what is considered stylish or who is considered well-dressed can be subjective and never objective.

Because having a realization to the concept of being well dressed or stylish in one’s mind could be an issue of personal taste or individual account. It may never be objective, as individual taste and ideas of what is good or not are different.

We are not ruling out the fact that there can be a general view, but we must look at issues critically before arriving at a conclusion. Nonetheless we believe there are certain things that we can agree to; regarding what it means to be well dressed or stylish.

Who is the well dressed Individual


A well dressed Man

The well-dressed person is consistent. This type of person looks good daily and yes we have come across some. What they wear is their choice and depends on their style, nothing out of the ordinary yet they remain considered. This person may have a simple wardrobe, which is timeless, classic and versatile. Always well thought out and easy to put looks together. This wardrobe may have some high fashion pieces in them but not so obvious.

The well-dressed person is understated; blends into the background but always noticed. This person has confidence in his/her clothes, themselves and their image. Also appreciates fashion and those they never get to wear as seen on style icons, they are open minded and flexible.

To them being well dressed is a concept that should be followed and truly in the real world they stand out.


 The Stylish Individual


A stylish look

What is style? Style is all the well-dressed individual is, but with an extra touch, personal image portrayed with a twist. Yes! Sounds complicated but one must understand that style can be challenging. Style has a twist on everything about dressing.

Style mixes up the accepted norms and aesthetics of fashion to a higher level, because style is what you get out of fashion, perhaps what you add to fashion. This is what separates style from fashion.

Style asks questions while fashion can be confrontational. Style tests abilities, goes out of norm, but comes out good. It makes a statement, can be detailed, but always remains original.  That is why style is unique to the owner.

The stylish individual is forward thinking and has ability to trust in themselves. Such as embrace colors, reconstruct pattern or do something different. They look forward yet remain firm in what they know looks well. In the end they remain the well-dressed individual with a twist


Stylish Man


Whatever opinions shared here remains open to analysis, after all everyone is entitled to their views. But remember there is a difference between well dressed and stylish.

The concept of style is diverse and very few people are considered stylish. A lot are well dressed but never stylish, meaning they remain conventional with style and never go out of the box or add that twist. What do you think?

There is certainly nothing wrong in being well dressed and this does not mean you appreciate every area of fashion, neither does it show a lack of knowledge nor ability. It just shows that you recognize the real world. We believe style is rare and a major percentage of people are not stylish.

We can see that the world of fashion has become a mecca of sorts and the number of people taking interest in appearance have increased, but a lot of people still run with the crowd.

To be considered stylish is not a necessity: but is certainly awesome. Being well dressed can be all you need to be, but we would always recommend style.


A stylish lady


Men’s Stylish look


What’s your opinion?

Do you consider yourself well dressed or stylish?


Vintage style looks

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