Indeed, women rule the world of fashion, from runways to the fashion streets women’s fashion is dominant not that I like to diss the men’s fashion world it’s almost like it’s a women’s empire out there. Permit me to say no one understands fashion as deeply as women do. For a man it is not that hard to identify what looks good on him or what would suit him. Whatsoever he would find, he will wear that however, for a woman it is equally difficult. I am trying to overcome all these women difficulties through this blog; I hope you will like it!
The subject is Favorite Women’s Tops:
As we all know, in women’s apparel most attention is given to the upper half of women because this part is very sensual and the fabric for this sensual part must be simple yet sensual. From here, the idea of women’s tops came to light. Women wear these tops on their most sensual area, as they want to look attractive. For this, there are different styles in tops available in the markets that are cheap or expensive that comes with quality.
Fashion Tops, are very much popular among young women these days. These Fashion tops come with style and quality, which is also very essential for your wardrobe. Sleeveless tops also come in women’s favorite clothing. Let us go through other styles in tops:
Tank Top

Women love wearing tank tops, as they are the sleeveless shirt with two straps running over the shoulders.
Tube Top

These are the strapless tops with no straps running over the shoulders, usually made from elastic materials, looks good when paired with a cardigan blazer or jacket.
Crop Tops

They are kind of a t-shirt that exposes the belly. Younger generation loves to wear Crop Tops, nice to pair with jeans or shorts.
One Shoulder Tops

These tops expose the single shoulder and are considered much sensual.
Halter neck Tops

They are the symbol of elegance and beauty. There is single strap behind the neck of the wearer.
For more varieties in tops such as the Sleeveless Tops, Short Sleeve Tops, Long Sleeve Tops, etc., you can browse the related section over the web for more details.