I have heard different views on why guys cant’t wear pink, but i think its just not true. Oops! my opinion. I think pink is a pretty color for men and it looks very good on them so here i have combined three different looks for guys who are bold enough to wear pink, are fashion forward and are not afraid to try new ideas.


1. The College Guy. 

The College Guy


The College Guy by madamesolange featuring a leather belt

For the College guy, if your going to a class with a presentation or meeting friends for a drink afterwards. Start with a pair of khaki chinos, add on top the main pink piece a short sleeve button down. Finish it with a pair of white based sneakers, and a brown belt.


2.The Casual Dad

The Casual Dad


The Casual Dad by madamesolange

Yes Dad, go pink with a polished finish. Start it with a pair of dark wash jeans and a rosy long sleeve button up pink shirt and finish off with cool brown shoes and belt.


3. The Young Professional


The Young Profesionnal


The Young Profesionnal by madamesolange featuring leather shoes


Hey for those in Air-conditioned  offices, How great – and easy! – is this office-ready outfit? I love a grey Chino – it’s just different enough to look interesting and dressed up, but you still get all the comfort of a khaki. Layer a white dress shirt under a hot pink sweater and you’re ready for your Monday morning meeting – no coffee needed.

Hope you find these style tips useful watch out for more with Madame Solange on Style Tips